9 Best Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2016

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Am sure, plenty of resolutions have been made for 2016 and now the year is well under way! It’s time to roll up those sleeves, get into boss mode and focus on getting your productivity to its optimum level. While a certain change in habit is also needed as discussed in our earlier post, technology will always be by your side. Here are 9 productivity tools that will make sure 2016 is the best year ever.

1. Evernote

This one maybe an oldie but it’s definitely still a goodie! While it is primarily a note taking app, it has evolved into one of the most advanced apps in the productivity world. Use it for business, collaboration, taking your freelancer project notes, create checklists – basically just take over the world. Oh, and its seamless with its multi-platform support too!

2. Slack

This app has literally redefined communication across teams. Slack gives you the flexibility of the intuitive interface along with the collaborative power of channels, messaging, hashtags all power packed into one. Increase your organization’s productivity by getting everyone on one platform, and just be less busy but more productive!

3. Dropbox

Store your files the way you want them. Where you want them. One of the first ever cloud file storage services, Dropbox’s easy functioning and cross-platform support will make sure, you never lose a file. Edit presentations, share videos, photos all in an instant – and watch your team collaboration soar.

4. Clear

Task management is a pain, but you can tackle it with Clear and make it your best friend. The key is to prioritize and Clear is an expert at that. Simply input your tasks, give them their required “importance” color and off you go. This app will keep you in check and make sure you are not overstretched. Time management is necessary in 2016!

5. Hootsuite

If you are stepping into the world of Social Media in 2016, then you are definitely going to need a handy scheduler by your side. Keep your tweets and posts steady and don’t ever miss your content, outreach target with its dashboards. Multiple accounts, reports, analysis – you’ll have it all.

6. Copyscape

Yes, yes, we know this one is an old one too, but it still holds true in today’s content marketing driven world. Your pieces have to be original and there is no easier way to get that done other than Copyscape. Know your writers and their prowess in and out, all the while keeping your company/enterprise safe from plagiarism.

7. Mail Chimp

One of the finest email and newsletter services currently in the market today, Mail Chimp will just completely sort out your email marketing issues. Create a campaign and send it to a big list almost instantly! The interface is super easy to learn and its myriad of features including advanced analytics will help grow your business.

8. WeTransfer

If you are a photographer, imagine this – your large photo files need to be sent to the client on the other side of the world and email can only take as much. In steps We Transfer with its 2GB free upload limit which can be increased to over 50GB with their paid plan. Send videos, files, photos – anything that requires large file intervention, easy as pie.

9. Asana

We love project management tools such as Asana as they really take your work forward! A task and project management suite, you can create and assign projects, have chats, assign deadlines and even match workflows. Onboarding is easy courtesy an intuitive interface and its integration with various apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox and even GitHub.

We hope 2016 is a super productive year for you! Got any tips or tools to share? Tell us and we’ll feature it on the Whatfix blog!

Radhika Sharma

Radhika Sharma

A massive EDM junkie and a Jedi Padewan, I believe in taking life by the fork and knife everyday. Recently moved to Pune, I have been a media girl for the last 10 years with a huge passion for consumer technology. While working in content management is my day avatar, nothing gets my foodie side going like a good spicy misal pav! For your daily dose of Puneri-ness, log on to thebausgirl.com!
Radhika Sharma

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